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What do the best minds in the sports industry have to say? What are the messages and best practices that can be inspiring and useful for all of us?
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"I don’t really see the hurdles. I sense them like a memory."

Our aim is to create collaborative environments where SportWorkers can enhance their skills, knowledge, networks, and partnerships, both in our dedicated ‘sport working’ spaces and through our online platforms.

SportWorks.sport is the dedicated online platform for the professional and personal development of the global SportWorker community. By actively sharing our collective knowledge and inspiring journeys, it’s our genuine belief that we can contribute to making the world a better place through sport.

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An Online platform where sports professionals and organisations meet, exchange, advertise and find jobs, and learn about the most relevant events at SportWorks and in the sports industry.
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SportWorks TALKS and Podcast series are a platform to bring discussions, share messages and best practices that can be inspiring and useful for the sports community.

SportWorks Events

Online and live events that bring the sports community together to celebrate, discuss relevant topics, share common challenges, build bridges, create collaborative solutions, or get answers to pertinent questions.

SportWorks Consultancy

Workshops, mentoring and coaching to develop your own channels, events and other customised solutions to develop your connections within the sports community.

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All SportWorks services at your disposal, through different types of memberships depending on your needs and if you prefer to be in the Olympic Capital or connect online. 

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Your Connection To The Sports Community In Lausanne Olympic Capital!

Lausanne is a hotspot for anyone that has the sports industry as a target, and SportWorks works like a hub where you can learn, teach, grow and exchange experiences with all the support and infrastructure the we provide.

Sports Federations can produce content to create a fan base and engage with other Federations to share experiences and solutions. 

SportWorks provides a good solution locally and online for you to connect with relevant sport professionals and leaders, and as a member you will have access to exclusive opportunities to build connections and strengthen your presence in the Heart of Sports: Lausanne Olympic Capital.

Want to have a workplace in Lausanne? 

At SportWorks TALKS, speakers from the most relevant organisations and projects in the sports community discuss the industry’s hot topics and answer questions from the audience.

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