Desk and dialogues, Mauro Cedrani.

Desk and dialogues

People are going back to the office, which means that coffee chats are coming back, and we thought we’d open this window for you to join our informal dialogues over a cup of coffee.

Do you know Mauro Cedrani? He is the CEO of Microplus Timing. They are in charge of providing us with real-time data and statistics that we enjoy while watching some of our favorite sports.

Mauro started working in sports technology in 1982 when he was still a computer science student.

He remembers the huge computer devices they worked with back then with a smile. “We had to move each computer between 4 people”, Mauro tells us.

He was creating software for sport events for more than 10 years, until after the Mediterranean Games in 1997, he and his colleagues decided to find their own company: Microplus.

They started covering sport events such as the Giro d’Italia and have been growing in the market until they now handle major international multisport events.

In fact, they were recently announced as Official Provider of Games Information Systems for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Microplus keep growing, as data analysis is turning essential to sports.

“The future is video analysis,” points Mauro. That is why they are developing new systems to cover the increasing needs.

During these 40 years of experience, he has been actively developing this software and has also attended many major sporting events. Although it is difficult to remember a specific anecdote, Mauro tells us that something unexpected always comes up at every event.

“Microplus is here today because we have been able to solve all the problems we faced.”

For him, the key is flexibility and responsiveness. No matter where the problem comes from, you have to solve it. The next time we see a statistic on the screen, we will think about the work behind it, because without a doubt, it makes us enjoy sports competitions more completely and excitingly.

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