“Digital Transformation – a Journey of Inclusion” – Christiaan Page

"Digital Transformation - a Journey of Inclusion"

Major sports events provide us with magical moments, adrenaline, overcoming, togetherness… The celebration of winning an Olympic gold medal or raising a world record? Those snapshots remain for posterity. 

What do these stories communicate that can help our society to evolve? And how the rest of the world could engage with these beats without technology?

The digital transformation allows a global audience to be part of the most inspiring experiences. Internet brings a high level of connectivity, so sharing stories has become an instant experience. 

But how does the digital ecosystem adapt and evolve to serve its purpose?

We invite you to watch the replay of Christiaan Page‘s Bonus conference “Digital Transformation – a Journey of Inclusion” for the Sportlab Brasil Summit 2021. A cycle of lectures and debates about the sports market broadcasted directly from ESPM Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing.

“Digital transformation is a journey, is not an endpoint. It’s going to continue to evolve, and I think it’s something to be super meaningful when we are developing our strategies,” said Christiaan Page.

Do you want to find out more? Watch the replay now!

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