Flor Elbers

“Your body is your tool and needs to be taken very good care of.” Flor Elbers is committed, just like SportWorks, to encouraging people to be their best version of themselves.

Flor is passionate about her work because she is convinced that body care makes life’s difference. As a Global Business Developer and Nutrition Specialist, Flor strives to help athletes and professionals reach their full potential.

She stresses the importance of taking care of our bodies to make the best performance inside the track as athletes and in our personal and professional lives. “You will always take yourself with you in any situation and through your whole life and career.”

As a diabetic and ex-sports professional, she always had problems finding the right sports drinks for during and after the exercises. This was one of her motivations to start distributing Fitline products, a range of holistic nutrition supplements to use during top sport and professional competition. What called her attention is that the products are on the Colognelist, patented, and contain only natural ingredients, thus converging her search for a natural and enriching lifestyle.

Although there are products for the whole family, these supplements are even consumed and promoted by some Olympic athletes. “Your body is given to you, and all you can do is keep it as optimal as possible inside and -out.”

Athletes and sports professionals need to work together and take care of each other. That’s why we are convinced that our member Flor Elbers is an excellent fit to add value to the sports community.

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