Jacqui Edmiston – Meet the Members

“Everything we do starts in the mind.” 


Originally from Australia and currently based in Switzerland, Jacqui Edmiston – founder of Elevate– is a professional with more than 25 years of experience working in mega sporting events such as the Olympic GamesCommonwealth Games, and Rugby World Cup. 


“I’ve enjoyed every moment and have met many inspiring people along the way,” Jacqui said. “I’ve also noticed though how many of us in this field (including myself) have sacrificed our personal lives and health for our careers at times. Burnout seems to be on the rise and I knew there had to be another way to live – to be successful without making tradeoffs.” 


She found in the practice of mindfulness a way to manage her energy and enhance the important aspects of her life. That is why she redirected her career as a coach and facilitator. 


Through mindfulness coaching and mental fitness training at Elevate, Jacqui helps other professionals to hone their resilience and mental strength with science-backed approaches. 


She believes sport can serve as a platform for connecting with people on important topics. She was inspired by NGO Right To Play and worked with them in Ethiopia, where they used sport as a vehicle to promote health messaging in local communities, and she established a homeless soccer programme in Sydney where she saw sport transcend loneliness and mental health concerns. 


“I often think we’re only limited by our imagination and sport helps us to unleash that imagination to become a better version of ourselves – both as individuals and as community members,” stated Jacqui. 


We are ready to elevate to the next level. Welcome, Jacqui Edmiston to the SportWorks community! 

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