Tokyo Legacy Event. Takeaways​


We assembled excellent professionals in the last Tokyo Legacy SportWorks event celebrated on Thursday, September 30th, 2021, to exchange knowledge about the last Olympic Games. 

We had a great experience and shared some compelling insides. But we realized that sometimes, it is difficult to transfer these learnings beyond the gathering. 

This time, we tried to take these valuable learnings out of our personal notebooks. Instead, we created some visual material to share with the people who attended the event and everyone interested. 

Tokyo 2020 was one of the games that will go down in history for many reasons, and we sport professionals have an excellent opportunity to learn and improve from it. 

What do you think of these takeaways? We’d love to hear your feedback. 



“The fact that the Games happened and not only just happened but were delivered successfully.”

  • Hope – The Games sent a hopeful message to the world
  • Commitment – The resoluteness and overall commitment of the wider sporting movement as a whole to ensure the event happened
  • Gratitude – To all the people behind the scenes who made it possible
  • LGBTQ+ visibility and inclusion – First transgender athlete, cover media and role models
  • Teamwork – Collaboration across the entire Olympic ecosystem
  • Japanese people – The Games could not have happened in any other city in the world
  • Gender equality – Significant female representation and positive media coverage
  • Engagement – The whole world participating in the conversation
  • Volunteers – The willingness of the Japanese volunteers
  • Creativity to celebrate – Athletes found a way to connect with fans over a distance
  • Covid situation management – The measures and discipline adopted by all
  • Quality performance – The excellent performance of Olympic athletes and para-athletes despite everything


“Legacy was a challenge when the focus was just on delivering the Games.”


“We learned in the last two years how to work together.” 

  • Lack of spectators – Lack of fans in the stands and economic blow for the country
  • Sustainability – Excessive use of plastics to comply with covid measures
  • Mental health – Difficult to cope with pressure and isolation
  • Logistic/transports – Demand over-saturation, stranded workers
  • Covid discrimination – Among athletes, if positive results despite following all the rules
  • Political environment – The Japanese workforce lacked the flexibility and creativity at times to manage the constantly moving goalposts
  • Social contact – Loneliness. Not being able to share the experience with colleagues
  • Legacy venues – Difficult to readapt plans and policies due to constant changes.


  • Power of the Games – The commitment of all to ensure the Games happened demonstrated the power of the Games
  • Empathy – and the need to look out for each other
  • Innovation is the key – to keep the Games relevant
  • Resilience – Delivering games challenging hurdles
  • Flexy work hours – more flexible regulations adopted by IOC
  • Strength Olympic movement spirit – The union of all forces for a common goal
  • Focus on people – Better together


What legacy will be left for Tokyo after these games?

Has the sports community been strengthened after raising these adversities?

What will the Paris games be like?

Photos from Mag Simm – Moonlight
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