What role will the sports industry’s stakeholders play in the future of sports?

Would you attend the next Olympic Games as a hologram? Shooting some baskets with LeBron James with virtual reality?

Something that sounds futuristic and intangible to many is already emerging as a reality.

“It’s all about thinking the unthinkable.” Hannah Wise opened the “Brave New Sport” event yesterday at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.

Infront started an engaging conversation while lunching their book #BraveNewSPort: What will the next generation of the sport look like?

Dr. Stephan Sigrist, MD & Founder WIRE think tank, deftly navigated the idea of news dimensions for interaction and experience in sports.

Sport has constantly evolved along with society, and in fact, has always been an engine of change and innovation. Darwin would agree that the species that survive best are those that adapt. And this is how the future of the sports industry, like many others, is shaping up.

David Dellea, Director, Sport Business Advisory, PwC spoke about the explosive growth of Gaming and how companies must pivot to find new business perspectives.

A state full of holograms may be more sustainable, as fans do not have to travel by plane and do not generate waste. But a sports event doesn’t just last an hour on the field. It’s a much more complete experience for fans. Will technology be able to deliver an experience so real that we feel like we are side by side in the stands?

We must face the challenges of the 21st century and seek solutions for the future. Not only about technology, but we also have to look at the economic, social, and ecological frame. Tech needs to have a purpose of serving society.

And in all this debate about the future of the sport, what are the new horizons for athletes?

Anouk Vergé-Dépré, Tokyo 2020 Beach Volleyball Bronze Medallist, FIVB Athlete, shared her perspective with us. Although she emphasizes the many advantages of connecting with fans through social networks, the structures should be regulated to ensure safe standards of participation.

How does all this affect sponsorship? What about the future of broadcasting?

Frank Leenders, General Director, FIBA, talked about the insertion of former professional players in management positions, the importance of connecting with the audience, of interacting with the fans.

How far will we go with broadcasting personalized experiences?

Will it be possible to create a ‘Sportify’ to gather all the major sports events and offer a super-experience to the spectators?

The industry and revenues are under pressure, so we need to find innovative solutions. To do this, it is essential to have multiple voices to add value to the conversation. Diversity brings points of view that illuminate the most unthinkable paths.

Now is the time to invite the sports community into the conversation.

The future of the sport is full of questions and brings exciting opportunities. Who will win the fight between robots and humans? Will we be able to work together for a better future?

As Philippe Blatter, President & CEO Infront Group, said: “Let’s be brave.”

After an exhaustive study of data and research with experts in the fields, Infront and W.I.R.E invite us to imagine a new future with this book full of predictions and insights.

What role will each stakeholder in the sports industry play in the future of sports?


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