World Peace and Understanding Day: An everlasting four-people legacy

In the marking of World Peace and Understanding Day, we reflect on the power of reconnecting humanity with nature.


What is the power within men and women to change the status quo and challenge the world to become more… human?


Over a hundred years ago, Attorney Paul Harris called four men to a meeting in a downtown office building in Chicago, Illinois; The purpose was to form a group of professionals who represented humanitarian causes and wanted to share the gift of a smile with others.


The bravery and enthusiasm of Paul Harris, Gustavus Loehr, Silvestor Schiele, and Hiram Shorey founded the Rotary club, a club with the nature of “rotating” to different places.


The organization did not take too long before it became international, and soon other professionals joined the mission. Eventually, the club grew in members and volunteers eager to share the mission and contribute to creating an impact in the world.


The organization’s ideals took more importance since they have contributed to important causes such as assessing the draft of the United Nations Charter after WWII, and the engagement in the fight to end polio.


Nowadays, we celebrate World Peace and Understanding Day in commemoration of the foundation of the Rotary Club.


To this day, the club has 1.4 million members and 46,000 clubs worldwide, contributing to different pillars, such as health, education, development, sustainability, and disaster response.


SportWorks joins the mission of all those who contribute to making this world a better place to live. We believe in the power of networking with people who share the same passion, and we encourage everyone to connect their professional path with their mission to achieve greater things for humanity.


“Man has an affinity for his fellow man, regardless of race, creed, or politics, and the greater the variety, the more the zest. All friendliness needs is a sporting chance; it will take care of itself in any company.” Paul Harris – 1912.


Author: Jessica H.Blanco

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