#020 Healthy Organisation, are you working in one?

Episode Summary

Following the Covid-19 outbreak, many people and organisations were pushed to working in a different way: remotely and exploring new technologies. This episode explores the topic of organisational health and will explore questions such as existing takeaways from the Covid-19 outbreak for organisations in terms of embracing new ways of working and treating individuals; whether ‘healthier organizations’ are more equipped to stay productive during a crisis; and how each individual is an enabler of healthy standards.

Full Show Notes

Guests: Martijn van Westerop

Martijn’s purpose is to have a positive impact on people, in every life domain, personally and professionally, and support people and organisations to become sustainable performers. Martijn has a very broad interest and long for diversity; he operates in the sports industry, with large corporations, small businesses, in the educational sector and non-profit organizations; local and internationally; junior trainees as well as seasoned leaders. He is curious to help you find out what drives you (individually or as an organisation); how to manage your energy for that; and challenge you to take the necessary steps. All whist taking the environment into account. That makes him fulfill various roles: a coach, a program maker, a facilitator, a lecturer, a consultant, a presenter etc.

Hosts: Cristiaan Page, Diogo Jurema, Gustavo Arellano

Podcast Team: Donata Taddia, Pablo Rosetti, Surbhi Kuwelker, Torin Koos, Alexandra Volkova, Sarah Crumbach

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