#023 S4D: Reporting using innovative and engaging storytelling

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Reports tend to be boring and long. With the help of two experts, this episode explores existing reporting tools and solutions and raises questions on the purpose and effectiveness of reporting: why do we report, to whom, and how?

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Guests: Thubaelihle Sibanda & Paul Hunt

Thuba, a Zimbabwean national, is the Manager of Physical Active Youth Namibia and Head Coach for Namibia U23 Women’s Football Team. Integrated Sports and Life Skills Coordinator & Coordinator of Senior Education Programme, Adolescent and Youth Development consultant, Leadership training Consultant, passionate about youth and women football development, consider Sport for development a cause and a key ingredient towards creating the future we envisage. She has participated to TED talks and writes a blog called “This girl’s story” to inspire African girls to follow their dreams.

Paul is the Project Manager of the International Platform on Sport and Development, otherwise known as sportanddev, which he has worked on since 2012. It is the leading global hub and information source for those using sport to achieve social, economic and environmental objectives, providing an online resource for sport and development organisations to share knowledge, build a good practice, coordinate with others and create partnerships. It is part of the Swiss Academy for Development, a centre of excellence for sport and development. Alongside running sportanddev, the Swiss Academy for Development runs projects in Switzerland and internationally using sport and play to support children and young people to become healthy, educated and employed citizens.

Hosts: Christiaan Page, Diogo Jurema, Donata Taddia

Episode Team: Pablo Rosetti, Torin Koos, Diogo Jurema, Sarah Crumbach, Surbhi Kuwelker, Gustavo Arellano, Alexandra Volkova, Donata Taddia

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