#026 Taking control of TV Production

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Big sport governing bodies like IOC, FIFA and UEFA in different ways internalised the TV production of their major events. By doing this they standardize their TV product, ensure its quality and consistency and therefore broadcast partners clearly know what they buy into and how they can leverage on advertisement placement. In addition to this, the products are used for various purposes: pay per view, OTT, promotion, communication, etc. Sport governing bodies of a lower-tier are catching up by trying to get better control of their event’s TV production. There are many ways of how to get control of your events TV production, however, there is no clear understanding of which model is economically more sustainable and brings ROI. This episode features TV production experts from the sports industry discussing how sport governing bodies can take control of their products and the value behind various modules.

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Joost van Hooijdonk – Independent sports broadcast consultant
Franck Choquard – Head of Content and Servicing at Eurovision Sport
Peer Seitz – HBS, Head of Infront Productions

Hosts: Christiaan Page, Alexandra Volkova, Gustavo Arellano

Podcast Team: Diogo Jurema, Donata Taddia, Surbhi Kuwelker, Tatiana Ghigonetto, Sarah Crumbach, Pablo Rosetti, Torin Koos.

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