#028 Driving transformation in sport organisations

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Entrepreneurship can happen in several contexts: new products, new methods, new markets or a sector reorganisation. We want to discuss this topic with sport-workers who represent different fields in the world of sports: what are the trends in this business? How are organisations driving transformation? Which organizations have been doing what to innovate? In this episode, our guests discuss the role of safe spaces and information flows to cultivate an innovation landscape in the world of sports.

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Andy HUNT has had a highly successful career across International Sport, business transformation and technology. He is currently CEO of Podium Analytics, a new International NGO focused on safety in sport and is a Non-Executive Director of England Hockey and Gloucester Rugby Club. Andy was until last year the CEO of World Sailing, the International Federation for the Sport of Sailing and had previously served as the CEO of the British Olympic Association and on the Board of the Organising Committee for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Andy has served on several advisory committees for ASOIF and the IOC in the areas of commercialisation of sport, eSports, sports data and digital exploitation.

Born in Bahrain, Hisham SHEHABI is shaping the future role of sports organizations in the Olympic industry, focusing on transforming their institutional capacities and processes to leverage trends in technology, innovation, and investments. Having competed at the Olympic Games, his Olympic journey continued at the International Olympic Committee where he led topics related to future trends in sports. As co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at N3XT Sports, he distributes his time between Olympic client relations, partnerships, and emerging markets, with a particular focus on Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

Hosts: Christiaan PAGE, Diogo JUREMA and Gustavo ARELLANO

Podcast Team: Alexandra Volkova, Donata Taddia, Surbhi Kuwelker, Tatiana Ghigonetto, Sarah Crumbach, Pablo Rosetti, Torin Koos.

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