“Care to Dare: why sport leaders must focus on people” – Susan Goldsworthy

How do we create spaces where people can flourish? 

According to Susan Goldsworthy, this is probably one of every leader’s most crucial questions. Empowering people is the way to get the best results from a team. But how is this done?

From a Neuroscientific perspective, Susan Goldsworthy – Olympian, Writer, and IMD Professor expert in Leadership, Communications & Organizational Change, shared some strategic points to understand better how to Play to Thrive. 

She emphasizes that we have to get out of our comfort zone in order to grow, but at the same time, feel that there is a safe zone to do it. 

But how these secure base spaces are created? 

And as she said: “it only takes a moment to make a difference.” 

We invite you to listen to this inspiring and practical TALK “Care to Dare: why sport leaders must focus on people”, where Susan shares motivational material and useful techniques.

Ready to jump into this engaging journey full of takeaways? 

Click PLAY and enjoy!

If, after listening to Susan Goldsworthy, you feel like reading more about her, we invite you to take a look at her books and article at: 


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