“Career Management: Meaningful Networking in Digital Spaces” – Michelle Guiliano

Michelle Guiliano TALK

“Fact: Employees will change jobs 11 times from their career start until retirement”, were the beginning words from Michelle Guiliano – the Co-Founder of Salt Consulting & Women Rock Switzerland – as she began to speak about the utility of networking for effective career management.

As a former NCAA athlete, a rowing coach, and now a career coach, Michelle has made successful career transitions and now she helps other people do the same. “There is a false belief that some are good at networking and others are not,” she said, tackling myths related to network management.

However, what exactly is networking – or network management? “It isn’t about exchanging business cards” or talking to someone with an “evangelical sales approach”, but networking is “100% relational” and “should allow for a full range of emotions. Michelle emphasised the need to be genuine when deciding your approach towards networking.

And this becomes more important than ever, especially as we transition from face-to-face networking to digital spaces like webinars, online events, and social media. So it becomes important to “leverage these spaces.”

She advises keeping in mind two important questions – “who do I know?” and “who do I need to know?” as you take stock of your network inventory. Subsequently, it becomes important to “choose your mentors or role models carefully.”

To shed light on how effective networking within digital spaces can be, Michelle shared the experience of Swiss Olympic swimmer Dominique Diez, also a 32-time national champion. She shared how Dominique, initially reticent, embraced the power of digital networking and was able to grow her swimming school exponentially through digital means – especially through short videos on Facebook.

“Be a helper, and look for helpers” was the key piece of advice from Michelle, as she finished her presentation with small but helpful and effective tips for networking. But what are those tips? Find out more watch the replay of our TALK with Michelle Guiliano, and learn how to successfully navigate digital spaces for networking.

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