“Community: the secrets to sports’ commerical and social development” – Gustavo Prudente

The organization’s culture is a reflection of its leaders. But, how to implement the community culture?

Gustavo Prudente, SportWorks’ Community Building Manager, challenges us with this question as he shared 15 years of experience in community management, community development, and community building.

Although both concepts are strongly linked within each other, each of them embraces different aspects that we might be more or less familiar with.

While part of the sports industry is related to the corporate aspects of running successful sports organizations, the sports community is about and creating “strong relationships within people and organizations” while “finding the purpose and passion” behind the game, what Gustavo calls “sharing the gift.”

According to him, building a community starts with the willingness to create and sustain meaningful interactions between all agents of the sports industry to nurture a culture of social impact.

But being part of a single culture brings challenges to converge in a set of ideas and beliefs shared by the community.

“There must be a structure to make a diverse group of people and organizations who effectively exchange diverged and converged [viewpoints,] and there should be a good understanding of the needs and offers that each of those individuals and organizations has,” Gustavo said.

Also, the importance of strong leadership and expertise to build a culture for your organization involves knowing your team, holding them accountable, and listening to them in a diverse setting.

“Community is about an exchange, is about the connection, is about knowledge sharing,” he added.

To learn more tips about community building, please watch the replay of the TALK with Gustavo Prudente.

Author: Jessica Hernandez Blanco

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