“How is the outdoor sports industry supporting refugees?” – David Malacrida and Marion Haerty

SportWorks TALK Riders for Refugees

“Life is unfair,” David Malacrida, President of Riders for refugees, emphasized it as he explained one of the many things some of us take for granted: the basic need of having access to warm clothes.

He exposed the global situation happening in France, as well as in other countries. For example, while athletes train in the mountains with state-of-the-art equipment, groups of refugees strive to survive without proper gear and are left with a less bearable situation.

With the only purpose of tackling this issue, Riders for refugees embarked on a mission to collect warm clothes for migrants in need.
By using their athletic network and personal skills, a group of athletes connected people, organizations, and brands to collaborate in a massive donation of warm clothes. In addition, the association has the support of ambassadors, such as Marion Haerty, four times snowboard freeride world champion, who also connected to the talk to share her personal experience as an ambassador.

Riders for refugees is taking the extra mile in sports. Annually they collect, sorts out, and pack hundreds of clothes for refugees. Now, they have expanded their operations to other nearby countries, and the movement has grown.

David insists that there are always people we can help around us and that everyone can use their expertise to be part of the solution. “Be confident and use your skills for good; that is part of the motivation.”

If you are eager to hear more about the outdoor sports industry’s opportunities have brought to refugees, pop into this TALK with David Malacrida and Marion Haerty.

Author: Jessica Hernandez Blanco

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