“Sports and Social Entrepreneurship in Colombia – The case of Amigos del Mar” – Pedro Salazar

With a demographical and geographical advantage, Tierra Bomba became the host city of an initiative that is creating champions for Colombia: Amigos del Mar.  Pedro Salazar, president of the Foundation, shares with us the insights into how integral education and water sports are changing lives.

Driven by a tough reality involving crime and poverty in the otherwise beautiful city of Tierra Bomba, Pedro decided to create an integrated program to help new generations. But this transformation would only happen if the community and the environment became part.

The program has been running for ten years, and kids and teenagers are the big stars. Members of the community are supported by the organisation through donations, that provide kids with school supplies, sports equipment, and environmental teaching through projects from Amigos del mar and La Escuelita de los Sueños.

In this context, an essential part of the daily activities that the organization promotes is recycling. “They [The community] are the ones who benefit the most from having a clean space, so we make them part of this process. We need to teach them that trash is not trash, but a resource to recycle, and making money out of it is possible”. Pedro explained.

The kids are not given money, but opportunities and resources to get educated and grow in an environment where their needs are met. “One of the most important things is to have solutions for the problems of the community, [which does not necessarily] have to do with money all the time, but with solving environmental or social problems,” Pedro added.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts made by the community, the entrepreneurship spirit of Pedro, and to all the partners, there is no doubt that Amigos del mar is creating the leaders for the future.

If you want to know more about how you can change the world, one community at a time, please listen to the rest of the TALK and spread the word.

By Jessica Hernandez Blanco

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