“Uncovering the power of women athletes in business” – Kristy Ingram

Athletes have some unique struggles that we don’t always see on the field. Faced with the question of what to do after their sporting career is over, they need support systems, access to information, and specifically tailored programmes to help them transition successfully. Kristy Ingram, the EY Global Lead for Athlete Programs, explains how she is helping athletes utilise their strengths in this SportsWorks TALK.

Hosted by Nikki Symons, the TALK is part of our celebrations for Interational Women’s Day. Kristy reflects on how she is helping people in their post-sport lives, along with examples of women athletes who are making a difference in sport and business. Tune in to this TALK to hear more about the importance of mentorship, diversity in the workplace, and how her efforts are playing a role in the fight for gender equality.

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