“What happens behind VIP doors at major sporting events?” – Chiara Malerba

Just as making a reservation for the best spot in your favorite concert, the hospitality sector in sports offers a unique and pleasurable experience to enjoy the games and stand from the crowd.

The V.I.P acronym commonly used in airport lounges, concerts, and prestigious restaurants, stands for “Very Important Person,” but who are these invitees exactly in a sports context?

Chiara Malerba, Tokio 2020 Official Hospitality Operations Manager, is eager to unveil the hidden secrets of “what is behind” the golden tickets in major sports events in an exclusive TALK hosted by Christiaan Page.

Usually, the first thing that comes to our minds about V.I.P guests is the people who get to experience a sporting event from the most privileged spots. While this is true, Chiara explains the complexity of assisting the V.I.P. attendees.

According to Chiara, there are two major classification areas for special guests: hospitality and protocol.
“A V.I.P is anyone who can enjoy an exclusive experience that has been designed and delivered specially for them,” she explains.

Although both categories receive the same level of attention and finesse, these two categories serve their special guests with different objectives.

On one side, the ticketed guests [those who acquired a privileged spot to enjoy the games] have access to a premium dining experience, access to their favorite event, to a full networking experience with sports officials and athletes, depending on the selected package.

On the other hand, the event host usually invites government officials and stakeholders served under the protocol preparation, which is carefully designed to welcome and organize the different countries.

If you would like to know more about what happens behind the V.I.P major events. Listen to the rest of the TALK to learn more.

Written by Jessica Hernandez Blanco

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  1. Great article and interview Chiara, well done!