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‘I don’t really see the hurdles. I sense them like a memory.’Ed Moses American athlete, two-time Olympic gold medalist

Our mission is to provide collaborative environments in which SportWorkers can develop their skills, knowledge, networks and partnerships in both our dedicated ‘sport working’ locations and via our ‘online platforms’.

SportWorks.sport is the online platform dedicated to the professional and personal development of the global SportWorker community.  Through the active sharing of our collective knowledge and inspirational journeys, it is our genuine belief that we can contribute to making the world a better place through sport.

We exist to foster a thriving sports scene and community and provide the best for our members to succeed. We are uniquely headquartered at the prestigious Maison du Sport International, in the Olympic Capital Lausanne, Switzerland. It is from here, in the heart of international sport, that our team has built collaborative spaces to promote our members’ contributions, giving real visibility across the global sports sector and serving to increase each individual’s career, business, and work opportunities.

Who is
SportWorks.sport for?

“For the people who work in sports!  From professional athletes, their entourage to the grounds-people, from the C-suite and sports administrators to the sport intern, from volunteers to technical officials, from the ticket collector to the timekeeper, we embrace every individual who works in our essential industry.”

Key features include:

Industry-wide social and networking events

Company pages that showcase your work and projects

Actively curated job postings on a global job board

An active News Feed from within the community which you can filter and curate yourself!

Meet the Members

The SportWorks TEAM

Tatiana Ghigonetto
Tatiana GhigonettoCo-Founder and Executive Director
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Architect and sports business entrepreneur. Founder of TGA Brasil, SportWorks and Legacy Sport accumulating more than 20 years of business leadership experience. Co-founder of SportWorks
Christiaan Page
Christiaan PageCo-Founder
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IOC Advisor and Olympic Games delivery veteran, Executive Director of Legacy Sport, motivated to provide the best technology infrastructure to enable athletes of major sporting events to shine. Co-founder of SportWorks.
Laura Pessagno
Laura PessagnoGraphic Designer
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Innovative and results-driven Graphic Designer with diverse experiences across multiple sectors. At SportWorks, Laura creates beautiful designs for our institutional material, social media, and the website.
Luisa Garzon
Luisa GarzonCommunications Manager
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Writer and journalist with a background in the sports industry. Luisa manages internal and external communications, creates and implements the communications plan, and coordinates events and talks.


Matthew Campelli
Matthew CampelliSportWorks TALKS - Sustainability Leadership Series, Guest Host
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Matthew, the Editor of The Sustainability Report, is a leading voice in the sport and sustainability space. He is the guest host of the TALKS series, which we co-produce with The Sustainability Report.
Lerina Bright
Lerina BrightSportWorks TALKS, Guest Host
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Lerina Bright is the Founder of Mission 89, an NGO which protects young athletes from trafficking. She has hosted SportWorks TALKS in the past, and is an expert in the field of sport for development.
Nikki Symons
Nikki SymonsSportWorks TALKS, Guest Host
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Nikki Symmons, is a former Irish hockey player and social media content specialist. Nikki is also Ambassador for Valencia Gay Games 2026 bid. Nikki is a regular contributor and has hosted SportWorks TALKS in the past.
Elsa Arapi
Elsa ArapiSportWorks TALKS, Guest Host
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Elsa Arapi is the Senior Sports Rights Manager / Women in Sport Project Lead at the European Broadcasting Union. She has been both a guest speaker and guest host for the TALKS in the past.
Olya Abasolo
Olya AbasoloSportWorks TALKS, Guest Host
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Olya Abasolo is the Education Manager at the International Testing Agency. She has been collaborated with SportWorks as part of the TALKS, the Podcasts, and contributed to other digital content as well.
Marisa Schlenker
Marisa SchlenkerSportWorks TALKS, Guest Host
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Marisa Schlenker has been a guest speaker in the TALKS before, and is a sport for development expert, helping co-produce our "Sport for Development" series. She collaborates with SportWorks, hosting some of the TALKS.
Yoan Noguier
Yoan NoguierSportWorks TALKS, Guest Host
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As the Co-Founder of Yunus Sports Hub, Yoan has been a guest speaker, a guest host, and a key part in co-producing the "Sport for Development" series. In different capacities, he has collaborated with SportWorks on several projects.
Diogo Jurema
Diogo JuremaHost and Producer, Podcast - Season 1
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More than 15 years of experience in managing member associations and confederations by introducing innovative programs and implementing strategic projects. He now works in Member Relations at World Athletics.
Donata Taddia
Donata TaddiaHost and Producer, Podcast - Season 1
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Passionate about sustainable development and business with purpose. Experienced in creating and delivering international, multi-stakeholders complex projects and programs. Impact, legacy and sustainability at FIVB.
Alexandra Volkova
Alexandra VolkovaHost and Producer, Podcast - Season 1
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European female skydiving record-holder with vast experience out of the field of play in broadcast operations at major sports events and in sports federations.
Sarah Crumbach
Sarah CrumbachHost and Producer, Podcast - Season 1
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Passionate about using sport as a tool for education and social development. Event manager with 10+ years experience in project management, client services and venue operations of major sports events.
Gustavo Arellano
Gustavo ArellanoHost and Producer, Podcast - Season 1
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Marketing and business development leader with long-term experience in the strategic management of sports institutions and athletes. Head Of Commercial Development at FIBA.
Pablo Rosetti
Pablo RosettiHost and Producer, Podcast - Season 1
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An experienced manager in economics and consulting working that also accumulates diverse knowledge in the sports industry. Founder of Atleta Informado.
Torin Koos
Torin KoosHost and Producer, Podcast - Season 1
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Highly passionate, results-oriented leader with 15+ years global experience working in multiple industries of the sports world. Global Digital Content Manager at FIBA.
Surbhi Kuwelkar
Surbhi KuwelkarResearcher, Podcast - Season 1
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Lawyer and international Ultimate frisbee athlete, with 6 years experience in commercial transactions and disputes with a leading law firm and clerking with a Supreme Court’s Chief Justice.
Yukifumi Tanaka
Yukifumi TanakaSportWorks News Digest Co-editor
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Yukifumi has been collaborating with SportWorks on a number of projects. Most notably, he helps us with SportWorks News Digest. He works as the Digital Content Coordinator for the Olympic Channel.
Jessica H. Blanco
Jessica H. BlancoSportWorks TALKS, Review writing
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Jessica is part of our journalists database, and is a keen contributor of SportWorks. She has written reviews for SportWorks TALKS in the past.
Steven Impey
Steven ImpeySportWorks TALKS Review writing
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Steven, with his extensive background in journalism, contributes to the written content on the platform. He has reviewed TALKS and collaborated on other projects in the past.
Craig Sherratt
Craig SherrattSportWorks Studio Collaborator
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Craig has been contributing to SportWorks for a long time with his technical expertise. He has helped set up the studio, editing videos and solving all things tech at SportWorks.
Mridul Kataria
Mridul Kataria SportWorks TALKS - sports for development Series Host
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Specialist in Sports for Development, Mridul has a background in the areas of education, child protection, and children’s rights

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