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Your office space in the heart of sport Lausanne, Olympic Capital, Maision du Sport International


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What’s the difference between my FREE ‘Individual’ member account and a ‘SportWorker’ account?

Our ‘Individual’ members are provided FREE access to all of our core publications; the Talks, Podcasts, Blogs, Articles and our Weekly News Digest. And we are constantly working hard to curate, publish and maintain this availability for ALL!

However, we wanted to give you the option to pay for what you want. We realise that some content may only be of interest to some of our members, so we have included this access for our ‘SportWorker’ members. And the reason is simple, we believe you should only pay for something you want or need!

The ‘SportWorker’ membership is also designed for sport professionals who may be looking to present themselves in the ‘Company Directory’ to showcase their work and capabilties to the network.

Im a Freelancer, which membership is best for me?

The ‘SportWorker’ membership is ideal for the freelancer, solopreneur, independent consultant, company of one, who loves the adventure of living major sport event to major sport event, yet at the same time as they orbit the globe, need to keep in constant contact with the community.

‘SportWorker’ members stay connected and can maintain a separate ‘Company Profile’ within the platform, ensuring they don’t miss any opportunities to secure their next big project.

Along with all the content access provided to the ‘Individuals’, the ‘SportWorker’ toolbox is supplemented with a daily news digest, exclusive member benefits, priority to our live events and discounted access to our dedicated ‘sport working’ spaces.

I have a company, whats the difference between the 'Company' and 'SportWorker' membership?

A ‘Company‘ membership makes it easy for companies and event organisations to connect with our SportWorker community ‘who need the services you offer and offer the services you need’. Using our member network, companies can leverage the strength of our diverse, global community no matter where they are located.

‘Company‘ members not only benefit from having their Corporate Profile listed in the company directory, but they also share the same benefits offered to both our ‘Individual’ and ‘SportWorker’ members for up to 5 team members, plus the ability to post unlimited job postings on our actively curated global job board.

Our company is looking for an office in the Maison du Sport International, can you help?

If you are on a mission in the Olympic Capital or planning to relocate to Lausanne for work or advanced studies, or simply visiting the city to meet one of the 50 International Sport Federations,  your office at Maison du Sport International is waiting for you.

Join a ‘Coworking’ plan and experience the amazing environment comprised of ‘SportWorkers’ and their exciting projects. SportWorks offers a range of options to its ‘Sport Coworking’ members: meeting rooms, hot-desks, dedicated desks, private offices and all the support services you would expect from a world class business hub.

Our door is always open!